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Country: Pakistan


Our chent, a Large Public Listed company and a key player in the Oit & Gas sector, is seeking to induct dynamic and qualified

professionals on the following senior management positions.

General Manager (Strategic Business Unit -


Key Responsibilities:

@ To act as the custodian of Strategic Buuness Unit (Seu!
distribution network and ensure smooth and efficient supply |
of gas to ail types of consumers.

© To prepare the Revenue and Capital Budgets of the SBU.

© To mplement management policies for efficsent and secure:
operations of Distribution Network lOperations & |
Maentenance) and Distribution Development. '

@ To plan and ensure minimum UFG tosses throughout the SBU |

© Todo strategic planning and Load Management of gas during |
periods of shortage.

© To monitor the sales activity in the S8U in order to meet the ;
given targets for new connections, Domestic, Commercial |
and Industrial,

@ To ensure and monitor monthly joint meter cakbraton
between Transmission and Distnbution meters.

@ To closely monitor the recoveries from the defaraters m the

@ To strategically plan for combating crisis and unforeseen ;
changes in operational scenarios.

Qualifications & Experience:

Engineering Graduate. preferably Mechanical Engineer with at |

feast 14 years of post-qualifiatian experience including 4 years |

experience in Oil & Gas sector, preterably in downstream:

General Manager (Medical Services)

Key Responsibilities:

@ To effectrvely monitor and control over all admunistrative
services including outside pane! services, timely billing,
housekeeping, ER and ambulance services and optimal
utilization of In-house advance services, technology thus
obtaimng quality care in cost-effective manner,

To ensure effective. efficre and cost effective care by
uniform disease protec and optimal use of m-house
fesOUrces ¢.g in house cansultants ‘base line investigations.
Fehaee aud

To direct. supereie and evaluate provision of Medical
Services and related personnel within the Company and
monte the use of diagnostic services, facilities ard staff to
ensure -ffectveness and optimization of resources and
quatity of care provided,

Te plan and implement program and seriices of all Company
wwintained health care facilities within the franchise area
induding — petsonnel — adminstration, taining = and
coordination of medical statt,

To carty out Implementation of health policies and procedure
ensuring transparency and accountabality for all services by
use of strict financial and procedural checks at ail levels.

To ensure disease prevention and health promotion through
health awareness programs, early detection and timely
intervention thus reducing morbidity and mortality.
Qualifications & Experience:

MBBS degree. Having MCPS of FCPS | FRCP will be an added
advantage. Minimum 14 years of relevant experience required.

+ The employment wiil be on contractual basis for three years. which may be renewed on discretion of the Management
based on company’s requirement and individual's performance.

& The above poshons carry market compet drve Compensation package.

Our chent 5 an equal opportunity employer and women sre encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates may visit our website
www.sidathyder.com.pk/careers for detailed job
description and appty on line as per instructions within
15 days of the publication of the advertisement.

Sipat HyoeR MorsHeD
Associates (Pvt) LTD
Management Consultants
Beaumont Piaza. Beaumont Road, Karach:
Ema human resource@sidathyder com. pk


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