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Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) Jobs 2023

Posted Mar 14, 2023 | Hits: 2346
Country: Pakistan

Job Vacancy Announcement:

Margalla Heavy Industries Limited, c/o Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) is seeking to fill the following positions on a two-year contract basis:

Engineers/Researchers for Reverse Engineering Implementation:

Required Qualification: BE with the following additional skills:
(1) Proficiency in C/C++ and assembly language.
(2) Proficient in ARM-based microcontrollers or skilled in the use of Micro Control Unit (MCU) Express/LPC Expresso or Micro Vision Keil.
(3) Experience in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) development with an understanding of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) implementation.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Assist the sensor integration and Fire Control System (FCS) design team in the execution of systems related to Fire Control System (FCS)/ Gun Control System (GCS).
Engineers/Researchers for Sight Integration and Design:

Recommended Qualifications:
(1) Electrical Engineer with MS in Lasers or Optronics.
(2) Mechanical Engineer with MS in Lasers or Optronics.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Characterization of components in sights.
(2) Develop and validate testing setups for sights.
(3) Research alternate sources for materials required in sights.
Engineers/Researchers for Sensor Integration and FCS Design:

Required Qualifications:
(1) Electrical Engineer with a background in digital signal processing and MATLAB Simulink.
(2) NI Labview advanced level training with experience in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) development and use of Real-time input/output control (sbRIO) and PXI-based hardware.
(3) Experience of digital communication interfacing.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Identification of existing sensor and their integration with hardware in loop test system for exact identification, development, and evaluation of sensor-dependent models.
(2) Development of Fire control computer.
(3) Integration of autoloader, sighting system, and gun control system with the fire control computer.
(4) Implementation of Control Area Network (CAN) based architecture with all sensors for the development of a fire control computer and health monitoring system of the tank.
Engineers/Researchers for Motor Control Test & Integration:

Required Qualifications: BE (Elec) with project-based experience in non-linear controls.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Understand and develop design calculations for motors involved in gun control systems.
(2) Develop motor controllers for all motors and actuators involved in gun control systems.
(3) Integrate gun control systems with fire control computers.
Engineers/Researchers for Platform Design and Development:

Required Qualifications: BE (Mech) with experience in the use of design and simulation tools, especially Creo, Solid Works, and Ansys.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Develop platform models, designing and interfacing of electrical with mechanical components.
(2) Design and develop mechanical housings for all systems involved in FCS and GCS.
(3) Assist all other teams in running simulations for the identification of various parameters, including load and C.G calculations.
Interested candidates should forward their CV, academic qualifications, two passport size photographs, and experience certificates by April 1, 2023, to the following address:

HR Manager
Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
Commercial Directorate Heavy Industries Taxila Cantt
Phone Number: 0519315844
Email: margallahil@hit.gov.pk

Thank you for considering Margalla Heavy Industries Limited for your career opportunities.


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