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HED Punjab Colleges Teaching Interns (CTIs) Jobs 2020

Posted Dec 28, 2019 | Hits: 10813
Country: Pakistan
Region: Punjab
HED Punjab Colleges Teaching Interns (CTIs) Jobs 2020 - College Teaching Interns CTI Jobs 2020 Punjab - CTI Jobs 2020 - CTI Jobs 2020 Application form - hed.punjab.gov.pk College Teaching Interns CTI Jobs - Teaching Internships Punjab 2020 - CTI Jobs 2020 Last Date 31 May 2020

HED Punjab Colleges Teaching Interns (CTIs) Jobs 2020

Dated Lahore, the 27th December, 2019
The Director Public Instruction (C), Punjab, Lahore.
All the Directors of Education (Colleges), Punjab. 


I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that in order to overcome the shortage of teaching staff in the Colleges of Punjab, Competent Authority has decided to hire 400 out of 689, College Teaching Interns (CTIS) to be hired during the Second Round, to meet the pressing needs of the colleges arising during the FY 2019-20 and their allocation as per following breakup:
(a) 240 seats of CTIs out of 400 may be allocated to those colleges where either BS-4 programs are being offered or planned to be initiated by Department from upcoming Academic session. (b) 50 seats of CTIs out of 400 may be allocated for Community Colleges being established by the Punjab Higher Education Commission as per their request. 110 seats of CTIs out of 400 may be allocated for those colleges where shortage of faculty is being faced as per assessment of the Department  


For BS Colleges: MS/M.Phil/Ph.D For all other colleges: Master Degree / BS (FYDP) at least 2nd Division in the relevant subject. • Marks for Education Qualification • Marks for Qualification above Master Degree 05 • Marks for position holders in Board / University 05 Interview Marks
05 (Interview marks will be awarded on satisfactory presentation by the candidate on the subject)

2. Stipend & Age Limit

Rs. 45,000/- per month, the disbursement of stipend shall take place strictly through cross cheques / bank accounts of selected CTI's. No age limit. One Academic Session or till the arrival of regular incumbent / contract appointee, whichever is earlier. In case a new vacant situation occurs or a CTI resigns or is not willing to join, the next candidate in the merit list shall be given an opportunity to serve as CTI for the remaining period of contract within the criteria.

3. Leave TA/DA Term of Contract

Two casual leaves per month. No TA/DA is admissible. 

5. Transfer Placement through fake / bogus documents

Placement of College Teaching Interns (CTI) shall be purely temporary and stop gap arrangement, which can be terminated by the Selection Committee at any time due unsatisfactory performance. The placement shall be subject and college specific. If at any stage, it is discovered that any College Teaching Interns (CTI) obtained this placement on the basis of forged / bogus document or through deceit by any means, the placement shall be considered void ab initio and the CTI shall be liable to refund all amounts received from the Government as a consequence of his / her placement in addition to such other action as may be taken against him, her under the law.
6. Recovery of loss

The College Teaching Interns (CTI) will be liable to recovery of any pecuniary loss caused to the employer.

7. Joining Period

The College Teaching Interns (CTI) will have to join duties within 7 days after the issuance of offer of placement otherwise the offer shall stand withdrawn.

8. No right of regular placement

The placement shall not confer any right of regular placement nor shall such placement be regularized under any circumstances.

9. Experience Certificate

An Experience Certificate to the CTIs after successful completion of his / her tenure will be issued provided he she meets the other criteria.
10. Formation of Union or Association

CTIs shall have no right to form Union or Association. If anybody found indulging in such activities, his / her placement shall automatically stand cancelled. 


List Of Vacancies Of will be available For Desired Candidates In every college Notice Board on 08-01-2020. Walk In interviews will be held on 13-01-2020 desired candidates can come with CVs and Documents, Successful Candidates List will be listed on college notice Baord  on 15-01-2020

CTIS Jobs 2020 - college teaching interns

Application For CTIs Jobs 2020 Selection Method And Application Form

The procedure to be followed by the Department is as under:

Need Assessment The need assessment has been done by the Divisional Directors &DPI (C) Punjab, Lahore.

Advertisement by the Department

Date of Interview :  13.01.2020 through walk in interview

Display of CTIs Merit List :
Tentative Merit list for the placement of CTIs will be prepared by the Selection Committee latest by 14.01.2020 after duly scrutinized by the Director (Colleges) concerned. The list will also be placed at HED website and College notice-board on 15.01.2020

Grievance Redressal Mechanism for the Candidates :
A Grievance Redressal Committee will be notified in each division by the DPI (Colleges) comprising of the senior-most faculty members of the Division as its convener and Director Colleges as co-convener. The Committee will also include two senior faculty members in the Division as its members. The committee will assemble in the office of the Director of Education (Colleges) and entertain the objections of the candidates of CTI on 15.01.2020. The formation and schedule of the committee will be disseminated on the HED website and the notice-board of each College where the recruitment of CTI is required. The Director Public Instruction (C), Punjab, Lahore, will be the final authority for addressing the complaints submitted by the candidates. 

Display of final merit list and Issuance of Placement orders
: 15.01.2020

Period of Contract : 16.01.2020 to 31.05.2020 for the colleges in General. The contract period for Colleges having different calendar of Academic Session i.e. Govt. Colleges (Boys & Girls) at Murree, KotliSattian and Phagwari district Rawalpindi will start from 04-03-2020 to 20-12-2020. The Contract period of CTI's in College with BS Programme will be from 16.01.2020 to 31.05.2020. The contract period of a CTI (in all cases) is liable to be terminated upon joining of regular incumbent or contract appointee of the post at any time during the Academic Session 2019-20.


The vacancies for CTIs for each College in the Punjab have already been calculated by the Divisional Directors and the DPI (C) Punjab, Lahore.

Selection Committee For CTIs By HED Punjab - hed.punjab.gov.pk - College Teaching Interns 2020

The Selection Committee will consist of the following:
Principal of the College concerned
In Chair Teacher of subject from College / District nominated by the Principal
Member Vice Principal / Senior most teacher of the College. Secretary
In case of Colleges where posts of Principal, vice Principal, etc. are vacant the Director (Colleges) concerned will nominate three members committee to hold interview.


In case of occurrence of vacancy or a CTI resigns, then the next candidate in the awaiting list may be given the opportunity to join for the remaining period of the contract within the criteria. 


Director (Colleges) concerned will provide the demand of expenditure for payment to CTI's in the College within 10 days of the completion of the Recruitment Process. Budget Wing shall ensure that payment of College Teaching Interns (CTI's).
Following actions are reiterated for the sake of transparency of recruitment process and the Principals of the College concerned are requested to comply within letter and spirit; a) Enrolment of Students in 2nd Shift dasses will not be considered for need assessment of CTI's. The Principal found guilty of concealing the fact in this regard, shall be proceeded under PEEDA Act-2006.
Marks of the interview will not be used as a disqualification criteria.
No demand for payment to CTI's will be entertained without the endorsement of the Director (Colleges), concerned.
Marks for the Position Holders will be granted upon production of a certificate by the candidate issued from the respective Board / University Controller.
Quantification of academic qualification will be made on the basis of detailed marks certificates (DMC's) of the candidate. In case of CGPA, following method will be adopted for conversion of CGPA into percentage of marks.  

Reference:  http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/scholarshipsgrants/IPHDFP5000F/Share d%20Documents/Batch%20IV/Conversion%20Formula.pdf
The provision of induction of CTI is a temporary arrangement just to provide a tool to Administrators / Principals for effective service delivery at optimum level. It should not be used as a permanent intervention to run the College. The Principal concerned will review the requirement of the College (Teaching Staff) after the recruitment of CTI's and submit a comprehensive proposal of rationalization of resources in the Colleges to the Department.
Moreover, the CTIs will be hired solely for academic purposes and Principals of the concerned colleges are directed not to utilize their services in running the administrative affairs of the college.
It has been observed that, previously the policy regarding the induction of CTIs had not been followed in true letter and spirit. Resultantly, a large number of applications were received in the department for the redressing of their grievances that have been engaging the attention of the department for quite some time.

7. In view of the above, you are hereby directed to enforce the criteria strictly in compliance with the policy and not observing any deviations without prior approval from the competent authority in order to avoid any administrative, financial | legal complications in this regard.

A copy is forwarded for information and further necessary action to Deputy Secretary (Budget), Higher Education Department.

A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to: The Section Officers (FGC, FCC), (MGC, MCC), Higher Education Department. PS to Secretary, Higher Education Department. PS to AS (P&D), Higher Education Department. PAs to AS (Colleges) / DS (GC) & DS (MC), Higher Education Department. In charge MIS for uploading the guidelines on the official website of the Govt. of the Punjab.


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