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Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program By Govt Of Pakistan [Insaf Imdad]

Posted Apr 01, 2020 | Hits: 106538
Country: Pakistan
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Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program By Govt Of Pakistan - Insaf Imdad

Approved: “#Ehsaas Emergency Cash program” for 10 million afectees. Rs. 12,000 per family. 67 million people will benefit (given household size). Daily wage earners are our top priority, whose livelihood has been badly affected by the corona-induced economic downturn

There are three categories in the 10 million. (1) 4.5 million existing #Ehsaas Kafaalat beneficiaries (all women) already getting Rs. 2000 will get extra Rs. 1000 emergency relief (total=Rs.3000) for the next 4months 2/6 

 ehsaas emergency cash program

Three million afectees will be identified through our national socioeconomic database. Eligibility threshold will be relaxed upwards. Those with previous incomes upto 20,000who have now suffered economic shock and are without livelihood will be helped through #Ehsaas

An SMS campaign, to be launched in 2 weeks will allow others, not currently enrolled in the database to seek assistance. District Administrations will conduct assessments speedily after SMS is received. Around 2.5 million will be identified through the #Ehsaas SMS route

Data analytics will be used to ensure that the system is not abused. CNICs of those declared eligible will be passed to #Ehsaas partner banks HBLPak , BankAlfalahPAK and simultaneously an SMS message will be sent to them directing them to collect money through nearest bank. 5/6

We will ensure coronavirus protection measures during #Ehsaas payments: use of hand-washing/disinfectants at cash disbursement sites, increase in number of Point of Sales to < crowding, special sites, distancing in queues & use of new currency notes #COVID19Pakistan 6/6  


If there are any poor people around you, please include them in the Feeling Program – send their ID card number to 8171 without a dash. The government will try to make your life easier by confirming your claim
Send poor people CNIC number 8171. 

insaf imdad

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